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The varieties

Just as every person is special and unique and has their own personal characteristics, each variety gives each of our wines its unique personality!


The most popular grape of the Greek Vineyard. Originating from the vineyards of Attica and Boeotia, its wines have a particular aromatic intensity and high levels of delicate fruity aromas.


Rhoditis, along with Savvatiano, is one of the main grapes used in the production of retsina. Planted in many parts of Greece, its wines have a special aromatic intensity and pleasant acidity.


Greek white variety with multidimensional character. The result is an intense, complex and special aromatic profile.


Variety that embellishes the region of the Peloponnese. It gives delicate and exotic aromas with tickling acidity.


Widely spread variety grown all over the world. Gives crisp acidity with hints of apple, pear and green plum.


A popular variety with high yields. Coming from the region of Nemea, it gives rich body and aromatic character of red fruits in our wines.


A variety originating from Bordeaux, France. With its intense purple color, it gives each wine velvety tannins with rich and full body.

Cabernet Sauvignon

The grape with perhaps the highest reputation in the production of red wines. It offers our wines a rich body and high acidity and flavors reminiscent of black fruits.


It is considered one of the oldest grape varieties. It holds a leading position in red wines giving deep dark color and aromas of black fruits.

Grenache Rouge

The most widely grown variety in Spain. This variety produces some of the best rosé wines in the world, with high alcohol, rich body and soft tannins.


Red variety of Spanish origin. It has rich natural high acidity and offers aromas of black fruits and spices.