The production facilities of Retsina


Bottling plant

We wanted to offer bottled Malamatina everywhere. In 1957, we were the first who achieved it. Then, we transported the bottling plant to Kalohori, Thessaloniki, where it is still located today, in order to meet the demand.

In 1994 we modernized the machinery and the bottling line was fully automated, acquiring the ability to bottle 40,000 bottles per hour in the most modern and safe way.

With the addition of 3 stainless steel tanks, the storage capacity reached 1,500 tons of retsina for bottling, which is transported with its own fleet of ultra-modern tankers from the company's wineries.

Today, the Malamatina bottling plant is one of the largest in Europe!



For the production of our retsina, we always follow a strict procedure! The production center of Malamatina is located in Boeotia. In recent years, through much care and considerable investment, we have modernized our wineries, guaranteeing unsurpassed quality in Retsina Malamatina.

~ The Faros Winery ~

The oldest and largest winery was founded in 1937 and, up to date, is a pioneer in Greece. It is one of the first wineries in our country, which installed the pneumatic presses in 1986. It provides 7 pneumatic presses capable of processing up to 2,000 tons a day, 150 modern stainless steel tanks with a capacity of 20,000 tons, sophisticated cooling systems of grape must and state-of-the-art biological cleaning to protect the environment.
The Faros Winery has a fully equipped oenological laboratory, where the specialized staff controls each vinification stage, ensuring the excellent quality of Retsina Malamatina.


~ The Ritsona Winery ~

The 2nd privately owned winery was created to meet the increased demand of our retsina. The Ritsona Winery has 3 pneumatic presses capable of pressing 400 tons of grapes a day, 38 modern stainless steel tanks with a capacity of 3,400 tons, sophisticated cooling systems and state-of-the-art biological cleaning to protect the environment

~ The Asopia Winery ~

The 3rd winery was established in 2003. The unit was built in the center of the largest vineyard in Greece, where technology was applied to what is most advanced in the field of winemaking. It has 4 pneumatic presses capable of delivering 700 tons of grapes a day, 103 modern stainless steel tanks with a total capacity of 10,300 tons, sophisticated cooling systems, which are capable to control electronically the temperature of the grape must during the brewing.