From 1895… until today!

~ Its soul ~

Retsina is a way of life. It is timeless. It fits with everyone, speaks to our hearts and accompanies our most beautiful moments. From 1895 until today, the authentic Retsina Malamatina continues to have the same pleasantly discreet flavour and its peppery aroma. Our purpose is that whole world tastes it, as our ancestors did … Just authentic!

~ Its substance ~

The retsina recipe is a story of many years! The best native varieties, among which Savatiano stands out, combine their aromas with a small but beneficial amount of resin from the pine Pinus Hallepensis. Our wine growers, with their valuable experience, take care of the robustness of vineyards, in order to offer about 30,000 tons of grapes for the production of Retsina Malamatina every year.

~ Its land ~

When you produce a product that comes out of nature, you have to respect nature. That is why environmental protection is our top priority. We study and implement pioneering energy-saving solutions, material recycling and biological cleanings. We offer also consulting services to our producers because we know that when the land is “healthy,” it gives us back what is best for our retsina production

~ Its reputation ~

Today, Retsina Malamatina is everywhere and accompanies us to every moment! It is the 1st in the market, distributing more than 50 million bottles globally in 37 countries every year. Our purpose is to make the whole world taste one of the most historic wines of Greece, our retsina, as we have tasted it … just authentic!