Water circulates on the planet, through our body and back to the environment

The water in our lives

Two-thirds of the human body consists of water, although the percentages differ between the sexes (60% to 65% in males and 50% to 60% in females). 70% of the planet consists of water, 97% of which is salty

Water consumption
According to UNESCO surveys, the water consumption in large cities is estimated from 300 to 600 liters per person, as opposed to smaller cities where the water consumption is estimated from 100 to 150 liters per person.

The water of Doumbia

The water of Doumbia, protected through the rocks of its source, has consistently stable quality and meets the stringent requirements of natural mineral water legislation in terms of its physicochemical and microbiological characteristics

Moreover, the absence of pollution in the wider area and the excellent equipment of the industry ensure the purity of the water as well as its bottling. Due to its high natural content of carbon dioxide, bicarbonate, calcium and magnesium it is characterized as:

Acid – Oxycarbonated – Calcium – Magnesium Natural Mineral Water.

Chemical analysis

Conductivity / 2090μS/CM
Total Hardness / 102,2ο F
Solid Residue / 1,26g/l

Cations, mg/l

Να+   88
Κ+   13
Ca2+   296
Μg2+   71
NH4+   1,1

Cations, mg/l

HC03     1360
CI    25
SO42-    61
NO3    6
NO2    0,00

Factory – Sales Center

Doumbia of Halkidiki, Postcode: 63073
Tel.: 23710 92000
Fax: 23710 92280

The company


The company DOUMBIA-MALAMATINA S.A. has made major investments in mechanical equipment. Its infrastructures are in line with the new strict European standards in collaboration with leading experts in the field of processing and bottling, as well as the control by the State General Laboratory.

Our purpose is the best quality, in order to overcome the expectations of even those who remember the product from previous years.

Carbonated Natural Metal Water “Doumbia” is back on the market.