The Retsina Malamatina comes in a 3lt Bag-in-Box packaging with a small tap for simple and easy use.

Retsina Malamatina

New packaging of Retsina Malamatina in 3lt Bag-in-Box packaging. Our retsina is packed in a bag, which is hermetically sealed and placed in a box. Each bag has a handy small tap allowing simple and easy use. Our retsina is kept in excellent condition for a long time. It is an ideal packaging due to the convenience of transport and storage

Advantage of Bag-in-Box packaging concerning the wine:

  • Longer lifetime without opening.
  • It is kept fresh 4 to 6 weeks after opening.
  • Excellent barrier in the air.
  • 40% lighter than corresponding glass wine bottles.
Available wholesale packaging: 4 bag-in-box packages / carton box